Solar Power


Consolidated Energy Systems puts the power of the Australian sun to work for you.

With ever increasing electricity prices, Consolidated Energy Systems take advantage of the free energy from the sun to cut your home’s electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and let you become increasingly independent of the electricity giants.

Solar Power is one of the most effective ways of saving you money on soaring electricity costs. Every kilowatt of Solar Power added to your home or business produces an average 3.5 kWh* to 5.0 kWh* of free electricity (more sun = more kWh).

Balancing your Solar Power production to your electricity consumption will substantially reduce your electricity bills. How much depends on your electricity usage patterns, your electricity prices and where you live.

Generally, you are better off using most of the Solar Power you generate.  The most cost effective Solar Power System for an average Australian home is usually 3.0kW to 5.0kW. You will use most if not all of the energy created from a system of this size.

Clean, sustainable and affordable energy solutions

Solar is the clean, energy efficient way to generate electricity for your home or business. Solar panels generate electricity in photovoltaic cells that is supplied for your own use or back into the grid for possible sale back to your power provider.


  • Fully warranted components and installation
  • Leading brand panels and inverters
  • Installed by CEC accredited electricians and installers
  • Australian owned and operated with extensive knowledge and experience in energy efficiency
  • National operations in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, VIC and WA
  • Major supplier to the building industry, trade outlets, commercial and residential customers

All the benefits of Solar from a company you can trust

Consolidated Energy Systems uses fully accredited CEC designers and installers specialising in residential, commercial and wholesale solar hot water and power systems across Australia.

We’re continually investing in our business to meet new challenges in energy usage and efficiency, and developing new products to help our customers meet the changes.

To find out more or see how little it will cost to go Solar and save, call Consolidated Energy Systems on 1800 697 652.