How it Works

Leda Solar Hot Water Systems are actually very simple. Solar Collectors mounted on the roof absorb the energy from the sun and heat cooler water that flows through pipes just beneath the surface of the collector.

This hot water is then transferred to a ground mounted tank for storage and your use when needed. As hot water from the collectors is transferred to the tank, it is replaced by cold water that flows into the collectors for heating.

Leda systems are available with gas or electric boost to provide high efficiency solar hot water that never runs out.


Leda’s high efficiency flat plate collectors have copper pipes running through a low iron, tempered glass covered collector that, in turn, is connected to a water storage tank mounted on the ground. The sun heats the copper pipes and the resulting hot water is transferred to the storage tank.


The water storage tank

The hot water from the roof top solar collectors is pumped into the storage tank.  The hot water naturally rises to the top.  As the hot water comes from the collectors, the cold water at the bottom of the tank is drawn out and cycled up through the solar collector.

The hot water in the tank heated in the solar collectors is drawn from the top of the tank for use in the house.

In order to ensure a safe temperature at the taps, a solar rated tempering valve should be fitted.