Energy Efficiency

A small investment in energy efficiency today will pay dividends for life

Reducing your home’s energy costs is becoming increasingly important. Insulation and ventilation reduce your energy needs, but you still need electricity and hot water. The choices you make have a huge impact on your energy usage. Our advanced Hot Water Systems (Solar and Gas) and sophisticated Solar Power Systems mean you can achieve power self sufficiency or, depending on your usage and the system capability, slash your power bills for years to come.

A more energy efficient home is more comfortable and costs less to run



There’s lots of environmentally sustainable products to improve your home’s comfort & reduce energy bills

Australia is a land of extremes, from searing heat in summer to sub-zero in winter, and from arid deserts to steamy tropics. Add in the complication of different building regulations in each state, and it’s easy to see why no one product meets all demands. Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation for residential buildings
  • Ventilation works hand-in-hand with insulation to minimize temperature variations
  • Solar hot water and Solar Power dramatically cut energy consumption and energy bills
  • 6-Star continuous flow gas hot water is inexpensive to both install and operate

Thermal insulation (ceiling, wall, cavity wall)

Insulation is a cost effective way to help maintain a constant temperature in your home all year round. Even double brick is no protection from the outside world without insulation.

  • Stops up to 70% of heat transfer through your ceiling and external walls


Wind powered or high efficiency electric ventilators are economical, reduce the need for air conditioning and improve energy efficiency.

  • Expels hot air in your roof space to help insulation efficiency.
  • Expels damp air in winter which can affect building structures
  • Decreases heat load on ducted air conditioning
  • Inexpensive way to improve home comfort

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a must for most Australians today, but the system you choose and how you use it  can have a huge impact on your energy costs.

  • Consider whether you need to air condition the whole home or just select rooms
  • Advanced ventilation systems work hand in hand with air conditioning
  • Match the power of the system to you needs. The more kWs, the more expensive the system will be to run
  • For an extensive range of sophisticated air conditioning solutions, visit Consolidated Energy at

Hot water

Hot water accounts for 25% plus of energy usage in most households, so it is one of the key areas where you reduce your energy consumption

  • Leda Solar Hot Water Systems are inexpensive, easily installed and energy efficient. The 270, 340 and 450 litre tanks can be coupled with 1, 2 or 3 solar panels for optimum efficiency, ample hot water and year round economy
  • Leda Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters feature state of the art technology to provide superior energy efficiency, performance and long service life.  They are all 6.0 Star energy rated for even lower running costs

Solar Power

Solar is the clean, energy efficient way to generate electricity for your home or business. Solar Panels generate electricity that supplies your own use or for possible sale back to your power provider.

  • Leda uses CEC accredited installers and provides a range of high quality panels and inverters