Continuous Gas Hot Water


6-Star efficiency, world class quality and guaranteed reliability

Leda high technology Continuous Gas Hot Water Heaters are compact, reliable and use half the energy of conventional electric systems to deliver a steady flow of hot water and ensure you never run cold again.

Unlike old, energy guzzling electric storage systems, Leda Continuous Gas Hot Water Heaters only heat water when it’s needed. There is no storage tank, and no inefficient heat loss. They also produce far less greenhouse gases than electric water heaters—around 25 to 33 per cent less.*


Save energy, save space and save money – all without sacrificing the luxury of endless hot water

The savings start from day 1

A Leda Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater is one of the most economical hot water systems to buy, install and operate.

Hot water represents about 25% of household energy use, so improvements in the efficiency of your hot water system flow straight through to lower your total energy costs.

Leda Continuous Flow Gas Systems can be installed by any licensed plumber. They’re good for the environment. And they’re very economical to run. Unlike conventional storage hot water system, Leda Continuous Flow Gas Systems heat water with a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe called a heat exchanger. The gas burner starts when a hot water tap is turned on. It only heats the amount of water that is required instead of continuously heating a full tank.

The result? Lower CO2 emissions, lower energy usage and lower running costs.

Choosing the right Leda

When choosing the Leda continuous gas hot water system that best suits your needs, you should consider your usage, the number of people in the property and the climate in your area. The litres per minute rating is the number of litres of hot water it will produce lifting your cold water input by 25?C. In colder climates, the increase needed can reduce output.


Unsurpassed quality and technology

With an unrivalled commitment to quality, Leda is manufactured in Japan to the world’s highest quality standards. The manufacturing process incorporates stringent quality inspections before, during and after assembly resulting in one of the highest reliability rates in the industry.


  • High-efficiency 6 star energy ratings
  • 20 and 26 litre per minute models
  • Available in Natural Gas and LPG
  • Japanese design & quality manufacturing
  • Hot Flow technology minimises gas, water and electricity waste
  • 50°C pre-set models available
  • Recess boxes for flush wall mounting
  • Optional temperature control remote controllers

The benefits of Leda continuous flow gas hot water:

  • 6 Star energy ratings on the entire range mean Leda units are super-efficient, producing lower greenhouse gas emissions and saving on power bills
  • Heats instantly on demand, so you only pay for the hot water you use
  • Compact, tankless and wall-mountable. Ideal where space is at a premium
  • 100% solar compatible. Can be fitted to solar systems to further reduce energy consumption
  • Remote controls available so there is no need to manually adjust the hot and cold taps to attain your desired temperature
  • Simply turn on the tap for the perfect temperature
  • Commercial configurations available to provide higher flow rates than single Leda units
  • Ideal for applications in hotels, sports clubs, caravan parks, commercial laundries etc