Six Star

BSI’s accredited Six Star Compliance Division works in parallel with our drafting service to ensure all aspects of Australian Six Star compliance is achieved through direct consultation with our major clients providing a unique and cost effective service.

Six Star compliance is an ever changing spectrum that requires innovation with design changes that ensures green efficiency without compromising on design.

A house built to a 6 star standard will use about 20 to 25% less energy to heat and cool when compared to a similar sized 5 star house. This reduces energy bills and the burden on the State’s energy infrastructure. It also helps reduce carbon emissions and free up household finances for other uses. BSI can tailor a package suiting compliance requirements to all aspects of the residential market.

What is 6 Star?

The energy efficiency of houses is measured through a star-rating system, with the wordt performing buildings achieving a zero rating through to a 10-star rating for a building that needs no artificial heating or cooling.

A rating is done through the use of computer soft-ware modelling aligned to a protocol administered by NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Ratings Scheme). This determines the potential heating and cooling requirements of a given house design.