MyAir Control


Fingertip control of every zone

MyAir delivers a new level of comfort control and energy efficiency to ducted air conditioning systems.

Ducted systems generally achieve whatever temperature you set in all zones, whether they are living rooms or bedrooms or anything else. If you’re not in a zone, you can switch it off, but you can’t turn it down a little, or up a little. MyAir can.

MyAir adjusts the air flow zone by zone, so if you want it warmer or cooler in one zone than another, you can.

iPhone, iPad or touch screen

MyAir-Series4-iPhone-Home-Screen_v2The thing you’ll notice about MyAir is you can control every aspect of the system from an iPod, iPad or iPhone – that is in addition to the sleek colour touch screen. With super-remote control, you can warm or cool the house while you’re at work, or the footy, or the beach. In fact, with the i-Phone/Pad/Pod interface, you have complete control no matter where you are.

The MyAir 3 control panel is similar to a small iPad and it’s just as intuitive to use. The home screen is easy to read and displays all your system options. Simply tap the option you want and follow the prompts.

In keeping with our philosophy of making technology user friendly, the MyAir touch screen has a built-in Help Function. It explains exactly what each button on your screen does and gives clear, easy to understand instructions on how to use the system.
The control panel is fully integrated with most brands of air-conditioning units including Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba and LG.

More zones for better energy efficiency

The MyAir system is designed to keep you comfortable using as little energy as possible.

Most ducted systems divide the house into 4 or 5 zones, but this can prove to be a false economy as you end up having to group multiple rooms into each zone, then air condition empty rooms.
The most efficient way to minimise your power consumption is to only run the air-conditioning in rooms you are using. MyAir divides your home into up to 10 zones. Each room is zoned individually so you can pick and choose precisely which rooms receive conditioned air – and how much.


Personalise the air flow to each room

With MyAir, you control how much air each room receives. You can adjust the airflow to each room from 10% to 100% capacity, in precise 10% increments, to achieve your optimum comfort level. We know comfort is a personal thing.

We all have our own temperature at which we feel most comfortable. That’s why MyAir gives you the option of Independent Temperature Control (ITC) for up to 10 zones. The ITC uses temperature sensors, allowing you to have precise temperature control over every room that has one.