About Us


Innovative building products to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient

AGI is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of building products for new homes. The Group services over 450 customers and has 7 offices around Australia.

Whether it’s insulation and ventilation to reduce energy consumption, state-of-the- art energy efficient air conditioning, plasterboard, fibre cement, external claddings, or our extensive range of hot water systems (solar, gas and electric) and sophisticated solar power systems that will slash your power bills for years to come, AGI has everything you need to make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient.

We work with many of Australia’s leading residential builders and commercial construction companies delivering and installing premium grade products, and providing turnkey solutions designed to meet the most stringent specifications. Most of all, we aim to be our customers’ supplier of first choice by consistently providing outstanding products, excellent service and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Insulation is the key  to true comfort and lower household  running costs

Insulation is the most cost effective way to improve thermal efficiency, reduce energy costs and address greenhouse gas abatement. Without insulation, even the best designed and constructed home will allow heat gain and loss through external surfaces – as much as 42% of a home’s heat can transfer through the ceiling alone.

AGI Insulation is the largest independent distributor of insulation in Australia – and it is the only private insulation company to have a truly national distribution network with outlets in every major capital city. Rather than supply the products of one manufacturer, AGI maintains its absolute independence by providing product recommendations based on product merits rather than contractual obligations.

Our range of insulation products and services includes supply & fit to the residential builder market as well as supply of an extensive range of glasswool, polyester, reflective insulation and high performance rigid insulation such as PIR, XPS and phenolic boards to the commercial, HVAC and industrial markets.

Unleash the designer in you with new age fibre cement and plasterboard

AGI Plasterboard is a major distributor and installer of Plasterboard and Fibre Cement, metal building systems, paperface and ornate cornices, fasteners and compounds. Residential or commercial, our extensive range of standard and speciality products will add the ‘wow’ factor to any design.

AGI Plasterboard is a wholesale distribution business with integrated contract divisions that operate in both the residential and commercial markets, from simple ceilings and walls to large scale commercial fit outs.

We work closely with architects, builders and commercial contractors providing technical advice, a hands-on approach and competitive prices.

Endless gas hot water with 6-Star efficiency

Leda continuous gas hot water systems save energy, save space and save money – all without sacrificing the luxury of endless hot water.

Leda is manufactured in Japan to the world’s highest quality standards and features state-of-the-art technology and materials that deliver superior energy efficiency, performance and long service life. And they’re amongst the industry’s most energy efficient with 6.0 Star energy ratings for even lower running costs.

With unbeatable value, performance and reliability, it’s no wonder Australia is switching to Leda.

Highly efficient Solar Systems that harness the sun’s free energy

When it comes to clean, cost effective energy solutions, AGI’s Consolidated Energy division leads the way with high performance Leda solar hot water systems that deliver savings of up to 80% on your household hot water energy usage.

Combining solar hot water and solar PV is one of the soundest financial investments you’ll ever make as the system pays for itself while reducing your dependence on traditional, more expensive, gas and electricity.

At Consolidated Energy, we’re continually investing to meet new challenges in energy usage and efficiency while developing innovative new products to help our customers keep up with an ever changing world.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems for year round comfort and energy efficiency

Master your environment with air conditioning and ventilation systems offering the perfect harmony of design, technology and functionality.

AGI’s Consolidated Energy division delivers the world’s leading brand air conditioning and ventilation systems backed by fully licensed installers and comprehensive service and support to ensure complete climate control all year round.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers choose the air conditioning system that provides the optimum balance between initial budget, comfort, convenience, climate and, in this era of ever escalating power bills, energy efficiency.

A highly skilled drafting and modelling team that is integral to the design and  documentation process

BSI is a highly regarded architectural services contractor providing drafting, scheduling, six-star assessments, 3-D modelling and photo realisitic visualisation services to Australia’s leading residential builders, commercial construction companies, architects and developers.

Operating on a BIM platform, we cut out the inefficiencies of working in a 2D format and provide much needed back end support to generate accurate documentation quickly and cost effectively.

Our Singapore and Philippines team of architects, drafters and engineers is supported by an extensive Australian management team based in Manila and Australian sales support personnel to ensure streamlined workflow solutions.